Full Gem and Enhancement Glossary Coming Soon


Gemstone Enhancements

Gem Enhancement has been a tradition for many years and is an accepted practice in the jewelry industry.  Historically enhancements are meant to enhance the color or look of gemstones.  We hope to bring you a full list soon however in the meantime we have listed what we believe to be a few of the most common enhancements.  Since so many gemstones are enhanced in some way in today's jewelry industry as part of a common practice, if you are in any way unclear, we encourage you to ask questions.  Some common enhancements are :

1. Bleaching: Beaching lightens or removes color.  This tends to be common with pearl jewelry to remove discoloration on the pearl surface

2. Coating: Coating enhances appearance and can add color.  As an example, Mystic Topaz has an iridescent coating which gives these gemstones their rainbow glow.

3. Dyeing: This technique is used to enhance or change the color of a stone.  Agate is a prime example of a stone that is dyed to create popular colors.

4. Fissure Filled (FF): to improve appearance, mainly in Rubies, substances are injected to fill any cracks that may exist.  This can be common in larger rubies as rubies larger in size are cost prohibitive or nearly extinct in their natural state without cracks or flaws.  

5. Heat: Heat can improve clarity or alter the color of a gem.

6. Irradiation (IR): This can be done to alter or enhance colors.

7. Oiling (O): Oiling improves clarity for the most part.  Similar to FF but different substances are used for the infusion.

8. Plated (PL): Plating can enhance gem appearances or protect surfaces of settings which are made of metal.

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