We love to help people, groups, charities and anyone in need


Fundraising made easy

Just let us know what you are fundraising for (any good cause), We will send you a promo code and cards to distribute.  When your code is entered upon a sale, we will take out your percentage and send you your share at the end of the fundraiser.  Call today to inquire or for more details:  973-980-7334


Need to raise funds?

Senior Trip? Benefit for someone in need? Sports or Booster Fundraiser? Simply need a little extra cash and want to promote our bling???  You can be up and running and earning funds in as little as 7 days!


How it works

-Approval takes one day

-Customized Business cards are made if desired (10 usd)

-Promotional Code is issued to you/your group

-When someone buys a piece or pieces of jewelry, they use your code upon sale

-We will then send you your percentage  in a form of a check or bank transfer 15 days after the fundraiser completion (to allow for any possible returns)